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We supply and export the following goods/products shown above. Our Facebook page specifically showed every products available and provided by us. Please contact us first to confirm any available products for business.

The following were the products provided by our service:

  • Nestle Breakfast Cereals

We provide various Nestle-branded breakfast cereals such as Koko Krunch, Honey Stars, Milo, Corn Flakes and many others. Good for your healthy start!

  • Various Nestle Products

We also supply other various Nestle-branded products in many ranges, such as chocolate products (Milo), cooking flavours products (Maggi), confectionaries (KitKat), dairy products (Nespray), chilled dairy products (Bliss), ice-creams, sweets, and much more!

  • Indomie Instant Noodles

An instant noodle brand from Indonesia’s Indofood food company which features Indonesian recipe-based flavors and widely accepted in the world. Included flavours: Chicken, Fried, Spicy, Chruncy and many others. Go on and try in instant!

  • Permanis Soft Drink and Beverages

Permanis is one of Malaysia’s leading drinks beverages manufacturers, providing various beverages including carbonated soft drinks, non-carbonated drinks, isotonic drinks, instant drinks, mineral water and many others. Including PepsiCo branded drinks such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, F&N and Mirinda.

  • Khong Guan Cookies and Biscuits

Khong Guan label has developed from a local household name to an international brand, well known for its quality and varieties in cookies and biscuits. Available in various forms and flavours, including the classic assorted biscuits in red tin!

  • Orang Kampung Herbal Drinks and Medical Products

The pioneer brand of herbal energy drinks in Malaysia has an array of products formulated to meet the needs of active, dynamic and always on-the-go individuals like you!

  • Various Vegetables and Fruits

All fruits and vegetables are planted on suitable top soil which is rich in minerals required by the plants. We are able to supply variety of local fruits (durians, mangosteens, lychees, cikus, jackfuits, watermelons, etc) and vegetables (chillies, tomatoes, longbeans, pumpkins, peas, onions, etc).

  • Clothing and Garments

This is our latest expertise and specialty in producing and exporting garments, mainly T-Shirts. We accept custom designs from customers and implement it on the garments purchased by them. Bulk purchase orders are also accepted for individual, organizational and even business purposes.

You may check these products (as well as logistics and manufacturing process) at the “Image Gallery” section.

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